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I offer an integrated massage suited to your individual needs, using advanced techniques to help increase vitality and stamina while promoting healthy relaxation and pain relief. 10 years experience.

Advanced Techniques:


  • A light, soothing technique for relaxing the mind and body. It relieves tension, leaving an overall sense of well being. The amount of pressure used is varied for the individual’s optimal pleasure. (This one makes a very nice gift!)


  • Uses gradually-increased sustained stretching pressure to produce positive and lasting results. Fascial is a large web of connective tissue that exists throughout the body. Dysfunction in this largest system in the body can be subtle or extreme. Using myofascial techniques helps to improve poor postural habits and overuse while improving mobility and decreasing pain.


  • Used to ease small areas of tension caused by toxin build up and lack of rehabilitative blood flow. These aggravated or hyperirritable nerve points can cause pain or immobility. Neuromuscular techniques stimulate and flush out the areas causing the discomfort. Maximum results come with a series of sessions providing a more sustained ease of movement and long-lasting comfort.


  • Designed to target the specific needs of the woman’s changing body, such as decreased breathing, upper and lower back pain and swelling. Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists are fully trained in all precautions and contraindications. Many high risk pregnancies are helped to term because of the highly specialized techniques use to create the best possible prenatal experience. (Out calls also available.)


  • A deeply relaxing series of strokes through the application of penetrating basalt (lava) stones. Muscle tension melts away while peaceful healing energies remain. The true purpose of the resting stone placement is to temporarily raise your bodies core metabolism. Rehydration is always important with all bodywork techniques, but extra attention to water and nourishing fruit intake is especially required after this healing process.

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