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Prenatal Massage

One of my specialties at DLT Massage is prenatal massage. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a women’s life. Nine months jam-packed with excitement, anticipation, worry, and wonder.  But it’s not always easy – especially in the physical sense. Aches and pains in different areas of the body can create discomfort along this journey to motherhood. A few other symptoms the mommy-to-be will probably experience: nausea, heartburn, breast sensitivity, back pain, and of course swollen hands, legs, and feet – especially in these hot summer months. But a prenatal, or pregnancy, massage can help ease many of these discomforts, help prepare the body for labor and give you the emotional support of a caring practitioner.

Prenatal massages shouldn’t be done by just anyone. This form of massage requires specialty training to handle the delicate nature of the pregnant women and her baby. There are techniques that are specific to each trimester, labor, and postpartum. Techniques include different levels of touch, stretching, posture, deep breathing, and concentration on specific areas of the body like lower back, hips, and glutes.

Some additional potential benefits of massages during pregnancy may include a reduction in:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • sleep problems
  • back pain
  • leg cramps and muscle spasms
  • labor duration
  • complications in delivery
  • postpartum depression

Be sure that your massage therapist knows in advance if you are pregnant and that they are experienced with pregnancy massage. When considering a prenatal massage, keep this in mind…Massage can be more than just a luxury…It has so many physical benefits for both mama and baby.

One final note: High-risk pregnancies should most certainly get massages throughout the term and with approval from your Doctor.